Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage Per Litre

Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage Per Litre: Hey there hi and welcome to Bike Details Pro and I am Akash Navi here, are you searching for an article online in which you will find the details regarding Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage per litre? If yes and you are doing so then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website. Because in this article of mine I will be telling you my experience with you guys with the Yamaha Ray-Z and especially the mileage which this gave to me per litre. I have rode this gearless scooter on National Highway and in city traffic and will let you know about the mileage this scooter can give you.

Before we proceed to the further part of this article (Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage Per Litre Part) I would like to share few of the articles which are published on Bike Details Pro about this Gearless Scooter by Yamaha, they all are related to this two wheeler and if you wish to read them you can do so by just using the link provided. When you use the link you will not be interrupted while you read this article because the other one will open in new tab of your web browser which you can read after you complete reading this one.

The first one and the detailed one about this scooter is the Yamaha Ray-Z Specifications article in which I have mentioned all the specifications and technical details of this scooter. And the other ones are the comparison articles in which I have compared this one to the other gearless scooters. You can find them below here, you can read them too if you are interested and I have already told you about the working of the links.  🙂

Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage Per Litre.

Yamaha ray-Z Mileage per litre on Highway and city traffic

So now its time for us to get to the point and get started with this article’s main part and check out the Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage Per Litre. So its mentioned just below, have a look.  🙂

Speed At Which I Used: 40 to 50 KM/Hr.

Mileage In City area: 48 KM per litre.

Mileage on National High Way: 52 KM per litre.


So this was all about the Yamaha Ray-Z Mileage per litre and I hope you got all the information for which you were searching online. If you would like to share something with me then you can do that by using the comment form given below. Please note that the mileage figure which are mentioned above is on my experience when I used Yamaha Ray-Z at the speed of 40 to 50 KM/Hr and the scooter which I used was 3 months old. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with Bike Details Pro for more stuff like this.  🙂

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