Honda Gearless Scooters in India

Hey there hi and welcome to Bike Details Pro and I am Akash Navi here, are you searching for information about the Honda Gearless Scooters which are sold in India? If yes and you are doing so then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website. Because in this article of mine I will be telling you about the Gearless bikes of Honda which are available for the Customers to buy in Indian two wheelers market. Honda Two wheelers is very famous in India because of the two wheelers which they manufacture for Indian customers and mainly for the Scooters they sell in India.

Honda Gearless Scooters in India.

So let us now get started with this article and check out the details of the Honda Gearless Scooters which are sold in India. As of now 08/06/2016 Honda two wheelers is selling 5 Gearless bikes in India, I will be telling you everything you need to know about these Honda Gearless Scooters in this article of mine and I will share the article link regarding the scooters as well.

Honda Activa 3G.

Honda Activa 3G - Honda gearless Bikes

We all know about Honda Activa which is the most sold scooter in India, if you wish you can read about the Most sold scooters in India. Currently Activa 3G is the latest scooter of this series and yes this is one of the best 110 CC Gearless Scooters in India currently sold. Honda Activa 3G is powered with an 110 CC engine which is enough powerful and also gives good mileage. People in India trust this scooter and that’s one reason why many people suggest us to buy Honda Activa when we plan to purchase a new Gearless Bikes. I have published Honda Activa 3G Review on my website in which you can read in detail about this scooter.

Honda Activa 125.

Honda Activa 125 - Honda gearless bikes

Again a scooter of Activa series of Honda and this time its Honda Activa 125, which is powered with an 124 CC engine which is capable of producing good power, we are getting telescopic front suspensions for the front wheel which is we don’t get in Activa 3G. And as it is powered with an 125 CC engine this can produce more power than 3G version. Overall one of the good Honda gearless scooters, this is for those people who are searching for a powerful and good scooter for daily use. If you wish you can read about the best 125 cc scooters in India.

Honda Aviator.

So the third one in this list of Honda Gearless Scooters is Aviator of Honda, which is one of the old model of Honda. But yes they have made many changes in this Gearless Bikes. This has a bold design which is for male users, I am not telling like this suits only for men. Even this scooter has an 109 CC engine but the mileage which Honda claims for this one is more than the other one and the mileage they clam is 66 KMPL. You can read in details about Honda Aviator in this article.

Honda Dio.

Honda Dio - Honda Gearless Scooters

So the fourth one in this list of Honda Gearless Scooters is Dio, which is designed by keeping Indian youth in mind. I have seen than College going boys love the design of this Gearless Bikes and I hope even you like this design. Even this has the same 110 CC air cooled engine. You can read in detail about Honda Dio in this article I have reviewed the scooter.

Honda Activa-i.

So the fifth and the last among the Gearless Bikes is the Activa-i, which is one of the best lightweight scooters for ladies and girls in India. And even this has 110 CC engine. This scooter is a light weight and powerful one, I have published an review about this one. You can read this in Honda Activa-i Review.


So these were the Honda Gearless Scooters which are sold in India, I hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading this one. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this and more details about the Gearless bikes.