Honda Dio Review

Hey Hi! and welcome, are you searching online for the review of Honda Dio? it many be anything about the Dio scooter. If you are searching for that then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website because in this article I will be telling you the review of the Honda Dio. Recently I have published one more review of Honda scooter and that was about the Honda Activa 3G Review. If you want to read about that scooter you can do that following the link provided. Honda is one of the major player in the Indian two wheelers market.

Honda Dio Full Review.

In India the companies are changing the design of the existing bikes and scooters and are relaunching them in the market with little modification in name etc. It was started with Honda Activa which was redesigned and was bought to market few times in India. Currently the latest model of Honda Activa is the 3G version and Honda is doing the same with the Dio as well. They haven’t changed the name but the design has been changed a lot. When Dio was launched in India for the first time it was powered with an 99cc engine.

But the one which is currently sold in the market these days is powered with an 110cc engine. So with the design they have tweaked the engine too. I will review the scooter in detail so read on to know more about the Honda Dio.

Design of Dio.

Honda Dio front view

Honda has designed this scooter by keeping the youth of India in mind the design is very funky which is loved by the college going students and all. The new body graphics is simply awesome. The one this which should be noticed is that the body of Dio is completely fiber body no metal is used to prepare the body. Which makes the scooter light weight. Totally the design is great the colors and those simple triangles make it look more gorgeous.

Brakes, Wheels and Suspensions.

Honda Dio Wheels and Brakes

So in braking system we have got the Combined braking system which is really a must have thing these days in the scooters. But I have noticed on thing, in Honda Activa the brakes don’t make the scooter drift often but in Dio they do. Other then that there is no issue with the brakes of the scooter. The size of wheel is 10 inches, the tyres used are tubeless.

We have got the spring loaded hydraulics as suspension for both the side I mean for front wheel and the rear wheel.

Under seat storage and fuel tank.

Honda Dio Underseat storage

We have got enough space for an helmet, first aid kit, tool kit and few accessories in the storage which we get under the seat in Honda Dio. The fuel filling point is also under the seat and the fuel tank capacity is 6 Liters which is the normal fuel tank capacity we get in the scooters.

Performance, Engine and Mileage.

Honda Dio Engine

The performance of Honda Dio is pretty much good, it is powered with an 109cc air cooled engine which is capable of producing 6 bhp of power at 7500 rpm and the maximum torque is 8 Nm at 5500 rpm. Activa 3G and Honda dio both are powered with same capacity engine but the power of Dio is bit less when compared with Activa 3G. The mileage which Honda claims for Dio is 66 kmpl

Final Words.

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