Honda Activa 3G Review

Hey there Hi! and welcome to Bike Details Pro, and I am Akash Navi here. Today I am going to talk about one of the most selling gearless scooter in India and that one is the Honda Activa 3G. Which is considered as on of the best 110cc scooters as well which are sold in Indian two wheelers market. I will be reviewing Honda Activa 3G today in this article of mine, I own this scooter and I am using this scooter since last 8 months. This review is long term owner review and I will be sharing my experience with the Activa 3G in this article.

Honda Activa 3G Full Review.

I will tell you the issues I have faced with the scooter and also the plus points which I have come through in this article of mine. Lets have a look at the design of the Activa 3G first, the design is not much changed it is similar to the old HET version. The changes which we can see in this model is the tail light and headlight have got new design. We have some changes in the side panel of the scooter and the most highlighted thing in the design is the logo of Activa it is made up of steel this time.

Honda Activa 3G side viewYou guys can see the Activa logo in the image above, there are no more changes in the design except those. When I first heard about the 3G model of Activa which is the 3rd generation of the scooter, I had thought we will get an digital speedometer etc. but unfortunately we have not got that in this model of the scooter the dashboard (Speedometer) remains the same as that which we were getting the HET version. Let me make my words clear about the HET version, what I mean by that is the Activa which was launched before 3G.

Honda Activa 3G speedometer

Even 3G model also uses the same HET technology which is an acronym for Honda Eco Technology. So I told you about the design improvements which Honda has made in this scooter, there are few technical improvements too I will tell you about those as well. In the previous models of Honda Activa when we ride at the speeds more than 50 kmph we use to feel some vibrations in the scooter. In this version of the Activa Honda has made few improvements and we don’t feel the vibrations when we ride at the speeds higher than 50 kmph.

The vibrations are not completely gone, we still get feel some vibrations when the speed is more than 50 kmph and less than 55 kmph. When we ride more than 55 kmph or less than 50 kmph there is no feeling of vibrations from the engine. The pickup is quite good and catches the speed quickly without any difficulties. This was about the vibrations issues of the Honda Activa 3G. Now it’s time to mention the most important thing without which this Honda Activa 3G review is incomplete and that is the mileage of Activa 3G. ūüėČ

The mileage which you will be getting with this scooter is 55 kmpl to 58 kmpl on highway and 50 kmpl to 55 kmpl in cities if you ride your scooter gently and in economy speeds. Now lets talk about the speeds of Activa 3G, the top speed at which this scooter can run in 80 kmph. If you hold the throttle for longer time on highway road it will slowly reach 83 kmph which is maximum speed. One more thing when you hold the throttle for longer times and speed crosses 80 kmph you will feel like the back wheel is slipping so it better to ride at 75 kmph maximum.

Honda Activa 3G under seat storage

Now lets have a look the under seat storage of the scooter, we have enough space for an average sized helmet. And the fuel filling point is also under the seat the capacity is 5 Liters (Fuel Tank Capacity). We have got space to keep the tool kit and the first aid kit which is normal in all the scooters. We have got some holes inside the under seat storage which will let the water etc. flow out if somethings gets leaked. There is no mobile charger point available in this scooter.

Combine Braking System

The braking system we are getting in Honda Activa 3G is Combined braking system which works pretty well. The problem is with the suspension of the scooter which are not that good, the tyres used are tubeless and the wheel size is 10 inches. So this was my review about the Honda Activa 3G, you can have a look at the technical specifications of the Honda Activa 3G in the below table.

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Technical Specifications.

Type of Engine. Air cooled engine with 4 Stroke.
CC of Engine. 109.9 CC.
Power @ RPM8 Bhp.
Torque @ RPM8.83 Nm.
Bore. 50 mm.
Stroke. 55.6mm.
Number of Cylinders. 1.
Engine Drive Type. Automatic Drive.
Valves Per Cylinder. 2 valves per cylinder.
Fuel System Type. Carburetor.
Fuel Used. Petrol.
Ignition Type. CDI ignition.
Type Of Transmission. V-Matic Transmission.
Number of gears. N/A.
Front Brake Type. Drum Brake (combine braking system).
Rear Brake Type. Drum Brake.
Mileage Per Liter. 55 to 60 KMs on Highway and 50 to 55 in City.
Top Speed. 80 KMPH.
Chassis Type. Under bone type.
Front Suspension Type.Spring Loaded hydraulic.
Rear Suspension Type. Spring Loaded hydraulic.
Tyre Type. Tubeless Tyre.
Wheel Size. 10 inches(rear and front).
Wheel Type. Alloys.
Wheel base. N/A.
Ground Clearance. 153 mm.
Fuel Capacity. 5 Liters.
Weight of bike. 110 KG.
Battery Type.Maintenance Free.
Head lamp type. 12V 35/35 W.

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Price: Rs.61300 On road at Ex Showroom Bangalore.

You can read more about this scooter on Honda Official website.

Final words.

So this was Honda Activa 3G review, I hope you got all the details about this gearless scooter which you were searching for online. And if you have any kind of doubts or suggestions you can comment below I will respond to you as soon as possible. If you enjoyed reading this article about the Activa 3G then don’t forget to like our page on Facebook you can do that using the Facebook like box given in the sidebar of the website. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this. ūüôā