Hero Scooters Mileage List

Hero Scooters Mileage List: Hey there Hi and welcome to BikeDetailsPro.Com I am Akash Navi here, today I have come up with an another informative article about the Hero Scooters Mileage List in which you will be getting the mileage details of the Hero Scooters which are available in Indian two wheelers market. Hero Moto Corp. has launched many scooter in Indian market and If you are searching online for some of the terms like Hero Scooters Mileage, Gearless mileage details, Hero mileage list or it maybe anything regarding the mileage of Hero Scooters. If yes than you have been landed on the right website.

Because in this article of mine you will be getting hero scooters mileage list in this list you will be getting mileage details of all the scooters which are manufactured by Hero Moto Corp. Indian two wheelers market is a mileage conscious market and Hero Moto Corp. is manufacturing the scooters which deliver good amount of mileage. Gearless scooters are nowadays a part of Urban life style because they are easy to ride and they are too easy to ride in traffic as well. The plus point in scooters is they are gearless and so there is no work of shifting the gears up and down.

But there is a issue with the Gearless scooters as well and that is the problem with mileage and the fuel efficiency of gearless scooters is less when compared to that of a manual gear bike. Because these have Automatic gear the mileage we get is less. But nowadays with the improved gearbox and engine system the wastage of fuel is bit less and we are getting good average mileage in gearless scooters as well. There are many gearless by hero also, you can get the details of mileage of these Hero scooters in this article of mine. So let us now move to the further part of the article and have a look on Hero Scooters Mileage List.

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Hero Scooters Mileage List.

Hero Scooters Mileage List

Now here comes the Hero Scooters Mileage List for you in which I have mentioned the mileage of all the Gearless scooters by Hero Moto Corp. First I will be telling you the mileage of each Gear less scooter by Hero Moto Corp. And at the end of the article I will show you the Hero Scooters Mileage List.

Mileage of Hero Duet.

Hero Duet a new model of gearless scooter by Hero Moto Corp. in India which is launched few months back. Duet is powered with an 110 cc Air cooled 4 Stroke engine. The mileage which we get in Hero Duet is 63 KMPL.

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Mileage of Hero Maestro Edge.

Hero Maestro Edge was also launched at the same time when Hero Duet was launched even Maestro edge is powered with an 110 cc Air cooled 4 stroke engine. The mileage which we get in Hero Maestro Edge is 55 to 60 KMPL.

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Mileage of Hero Pleasure.

Hero Pleasure is a well known name in India, it is one of the light weight scooters for ladies in India. Hero Pleasure is powered with an 97 cc engine with is also a 4 stroke engine and performance is average. The mileage you will be getting in Pleasure is 60 KMPL.

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Hero Dare 125.

Hero Dare is an 125 cc gearless scooter by Hero Moto Corp. In Indian two wheelers market, this is not yet launched in the market [As of 26th January 2016] I will update it as soon as we get the further details of Hero Dare 125.

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Table of Hero Scooters Mileage List.

Hero Scooters Name.Mileage of the scooter.
Hero Duet.63 KMPL.
Hero Maestro Edge.55 to 60 KMPL.
Hero Pleasure.60 KMPL.
Hero Dare 125. N/A.