Best 150 cc scooters in India

Hey there Hi! and welcome to Bike Details Pro, are you searching for the 150 cc scooters in India? If yes and you are doing so than you have landed on the right website because in this article of Mine I will be telling you about the 150 cc scooters that you can buy in Indian two wheelers market. Here what I mean by the term scooters is Gearless bikes. We don’t often see the 150 cc scooters in Indian streets but there are some of the gearless bikes of 150 cc too which are available for you to buy and I will show you some of those.

We all have seen the 150 cc bikes which run in Indian streets they are normal to us but this is a new start in gearless sector at most 125 cc scooters are visible for us in our cities but not 150 cc. If you buy one it will be trending in your area 😉 And if you are planning to buy one for you than it’s Great! First I will show you and tell you about these 150 cc scooters in India and will recommend some gearless scooters in range of 110 cc and 125 cc.

Best 150 cc scooters in India.

So here is the list of the scooters which are available in India and are powered with an powerful 150 cc engine in them have a look.

Vespa SXL 150.

Vespa SXL 150

So this is the first one in this sector which I would like to show you. Vespa SXL 150 is manufactured by Piaggio. You can see the Vespa SXL 150 in the picture which is above. This scooter can produce 11.5 bhp of power.

Cost of Vespa SXL 150: Rs.91000.

TVS Graphite.

TVS Graphite

TVS has manufactured many gearless scooters in India like TVS Jupiter, TVS Wego and TVS Scooty Zest 110 the ones which I have listed here by TVS are all 110 cc Scooters. The 150 cc one is the TVS Graphite

Cost of TVS Graphite: Rs.58000 approx.

Kinetic Blaze.

Kinetic Blaze

I am adding this one in 150 cc scooter list but it’s not an scooter which comes with an 150 cc engine its actually has an 165 cc engine which can deliver huge power too you.

Cost of Kinetic Blaze: Rs.62000 approx.

Honda PCX.

Honda PCX

So here comes the scooter by Honda, they are really doing great in Indian market. And they have an 150 cc scooter as well which is named as PCX. This scooter has an 8 liters fuel tank and is comparitively bigger than the other scooters of Honda which are sold in India. Also read Honda scooters with best mileage.

Price of Honda PCX: Rs.75000 approx.

My Scooter Recommendations: 🙂

110 cc scooters: Honda Activa and Hero Duet.

125 cc scooters: Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125 and Suzuki Swish 125.


So these were the best 150 cc scooters in India, I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Also read about the best two wheelers for ladies and fuel efficient scooters. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more bike stuff like this.