Best 125cc Scooters In India

Hey there Hi! and welcome to Bike Details Pro, I am Akash Navi here, are you searching online for the best 125cc Scooters in India? If yes and you are doing so then let me tell you that you ave done great job by selecting this webpage. Because in this article of mine I will be sharing about some of the 125cc scooters which are available in India two wheelers market and can be considered as best. I will not only telling you about the 125cc scooters but I will be also sharing some of the related articles also. Which I have previously published on my website. 🙂

Gearless scooters are very easy to ride vehicles and everybody likes them to ride because we don’t need to shift the gears up and down in the traffic. Especially in urban areas of India, in every home we fine one gearless scooters. I can say we have adapted Gearless scooters into our urban lifestyles. And in these gearless scooters also we have many to choose between and we can categorize these into two main categories and they are 110cc scooter and 125cc scooters. But yea we have 150cc scooters in India as well.

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Best 125cc Scooters In India.

Now let us get to the point and get started with it, and we were talking about the best 125cc scooters in India. I have listed them below have a look. 🙂

Suzuki Access 125.

Suzuki Access 125 Side view

When it comes to the 125cc scooter in India the first scooter which anybody can think of is the Suzuki Access 125, it has got an powerful engine which can produce good amount of power and Yea it is powered with an 125cc Engine obviously 😉 . If you want to know about the Suzuki Access 125 you can read it here.

Suzuki Swish 125.

Suzuki Swish 125 Front Side View

Again an Suzuki scooter in the list and this is the Suzuki Swish 125. Swish 125 can also produce the same amount of power which the Access 125 can do and it is 8.50 bhp and the maximum torque of Swish 125 is 9.80 Nm. The performance of the scooter is good, if you want to read more about Suzuki Swish 125 you can read it here.

Honda Activa 125.

Honda Activa 125

Now come Scooter manufactured by Honda in India which is quite famous as well and that the Activa series of Honda. They have an 125cc Activa as well which is quite powerful which can produce good amount of power and it is very comfortable. I had compared Mahindra Gusto Vs Honda Activa 125 in one of my article you can read that if you want by following the link.

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Final Words.

So these were the three best 125cc scooter in India, two from Suzuki and one from Honda two wheelers. I hope you enjoyed reading the article, If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below I will respond to your comment as soon as possible to me. And do like Bike Details Pro on Facebook you can do that by using the Facebook Like box in the sidebar. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this.