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Aluminum Flat Bar - Deck Rail

Matching the long horizontal lines of the house, this top-mounted railing features floating corners and a clear anodized finish. ... Our portfolio is highlighted in many different ways from guardrails, handrails, to a gate on this project. Designing ...

Stair Railing Building Code Summarized - The Spruce

12 Aug 2018 ... Guide to stair railing code and hand rail height for both rails and guards on interior stairs and landings. ... But other projects such as electrical and plumbing are strictly by-the-book. ... The way you measure this is from the very end of the stair nosing upward completely vertically. ... Reason: You need to provide the hand with a clear, continuous pathway for the entire length of the railing.


Furnish and install metal pedestrian/bicycle railings, including bullet rails, guiderails and ... Producers seeking inclusion on the list shall meet the requirements of Section 105. ... Meet the following requirements: ... 515-3.1 General: Space posts to clear obstacles without exceeding maximum post ... railings must be free of burrs and sharp edges and all plug welds ground smooth. ... Specification No. 2605 ...

Railing Systems Custom-Made for Easy Installation |

railing Systems Designed and Custom Made to Your specifications ... The Rainier Cable railing system provides a modern, virtually transparent look ideal for stairways, balconies and outdoor deck areas. more ... Glacier can be configured to for Glass, Mesh, Textured Acrylic or other infills. more ... All railing systems are custom designed, built-to-order solutions developed for easy assembly and install.

section 2 - general features of design - Caltrans

Highway Design Manual, Index 309.2 and Index 204.6. 2.2.4. Other. The channel openings and clearances shall be accept- ... height, and location to all Federal, State, and local re- quirements. 2.1 ... railing. The width of the sidewalk shall be the clear width, measured at right angles to the longitudinal centerline of the bridge ...

Custom Railings - Modesto Railing Systems Design

Like our other systems, the adjustable handrail segment allows any angle of descent and change of direction possible. ... All P + P Artec interior and exterior handrail systems are pre-engineered to meet applicable load requirements, and designed to meet or exceed ... clear top coat required for exterior railing applications.

18 Spec - Section 513 Railing - Wisconsin Department of ...

2018 Standard specifications ... Rewrite section 513 to update and include two-part paint system requirements currently only used for railings. ..... Before applying the tie-coat, remove visible deposits of oil, grease, and other contaminants.

10/28/2004 - Top rail and handrail requirements for stairrail systems ...

28 Oct 2004 ... Since the top rail you refer to is 42 inches, a separate stair rail would be required. The different ... OSHA has revised paragraph (c)(7) to indicate clearly that stairrails that comply with its terms may also be used as handrails.

Railing Specifications - City of University Heights

6 inch sphere unable to pass through opening. Headroom Requirements. Ceiling. Handrail Detail. 6 feet 8 inches ... (914 mm) in clear width at all points above the permitted handrail height .... Two or more separate rails shall be considered.

Chapter 5: Stairways - United States Access Board

Compliance is required for all stairs on required egress routes, including those comprised of a single riser. ... Requirements for stairways address treads and risers, surfaces, nosings, and handrails. Stairs with ... The ADA Standards address escalators in rail and fixed guideway stations (ยง810.9) but not those provided in other types of facilities. Escalators must have a clear width of at least 32 and meet specific provisions in the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

Chapter 4: Ramps and Curb Ramps - United States Access Board

Ramp runs must have a clear width of 36 minimum (measured between handrails where provided). The width of ramps ... Long ramps with many runs can be strenuous for people using manual wheelchairs. ... Other handrails specifications, including those for height, clearance, gripping surface, and cross section, apply.

section 05 5200 aluminum handrails and railings - CRL-ARCH

ASTM E985, "Standard Specification for Permanent Metal railing Systems and Rails for. Buildings." H. .... All supplemental materials not expressly specified in this section shall be approved by the Architect prior to installation. ... Glass: Provide fully tempered, uncoated, transparent flat glass meeting the requirements of.

Stairs, ramps, handrails and guards (NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9 ...

25 Aug 2017 ... Title page; Introduction; Overview; Headroom clearance Versus clear Height Parts 3 and 9; Measurement of clear Height over Stairs Parts 3 and 9 - slide 1; Measurement of clear Height over Stairs Parts 3 and 9 - slide ...

Double Baluster Railing Details & Specs & REVIT Details

A. Product Data: Submit P + P Artec's specification's for all components of each product type specified. B. Shop ... A. Immediately upon completion of installation, clean all railing system surfaces using silicon free stainless steel cleaner. Do not ...

California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3231. Stairways.

(See Section 3214 for stair rail and handrail specifications and Section 3234 for industrial stairways). ... Stairways shall be maintained clear and in good repair. ... All treads in any one flight between landings shall have identical dimensions within a three-eighths inch tolerance. ... When an exit stairway is required to be protected by separation from other parts of the building the separating construction ...


NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant to this project; add others as required. A. ... ASTM E 985 - Standard Specification for Permanent Metal railing Systems and Rails for Buildings. E. .... When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project. C.


Scaffold platform or other work platform, runway or ramp. In addition, the ... Ensure all manufactured guardrail systems meet the regulatory requirements and are installed according to the ... It's often necessary to remove a section of guardrail in ...

approved document - Building & Construction Authority

28 Oct 2013 ... so as to group all requirements pertaining to safety barrier under section H on .... calculation of effective open area for natural ventilation for various types of ...... (b) have a clear space between the handrail and all wall surface.

These guide specifications are intended to be used as the basis for ...

Select all the text and copy and paste into your word processing program. Inapplicable provisions ... AAMA 607.1 Voluntary Guide specifications and Inspection Methods for clear Anodic Finishes for Architectural Aluminum. 4. AAMA 608.1 ... E 985 Specification for Permanent Metal railing Systems and Rails for Buildings.

Aluminum Hand Rail and Railing Product Specifications

Cold-Formed Structural Steel: AISI SG-673, Part I, Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members. For fully tempered glass in glass-supported handrails and railings, use a safety factor of 3 applied to the applicable modulus of rapture listed in Mechanical .... Tempered Glass: ASTM C 1048, Kind FT (fully tempered), Condition A (uncoated), Type 1 (transparent glass, flat). Quality ...