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This should be connected to the damp-proof course so that the house is effectively sealed and protected from ground water. Newer houses will ... If the problem is coming up from the floor, you may notice floor coverings lifting, or damp patches.

Damp below Ground Level in Historic Buildings

An introduction to the causes of damp in cellars and other below-ground spaces in historic buildings and a discussion of remedial ... Has something changed close to the house that has altered the performance of the sub-floor areas? Often ... Without the ability to connect this membrane to a horizontal damp membrane across the floor, the results will never be perfect, but good results can be achieved.

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Floors become damp where the evaporation of moisture from below is inhibited by vinyl sheet, rubber-backed carpets or other impervious coverings. ... Likely cost: £3,000/unit (one unit covers an average-sized house). ... The right approach from your contractor coupled with good workmanship is your best guarantee.

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In a typical house, this can amount to 0.2 gallons per square foot of wall, and 0.1 gallons per square foot of floor. ... With a concrete block foundation, moist air is dn through the block cores, especially if they are left open at the top course.

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24 Oct 2017 ... If you have an existing concrete floor, or newly laid floor slab with minimal levels of damp, you can lay a slimline floor membrane over the top and lap it up the walls or a 1200 gauge DPM. This isolates the slab below from any ...

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7 Jul 2016 ... Condensation will occur in lesser-used rooms as these are generally cooler than other areas of the house. ... However after replacing the wooden floor in the sittingroom I noticed staining on the wood around the door saddle. I removed ... We are buying an older house, what are the best insulation options?

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wasted money on chemical damp proofing, cure damp plaster, mouldy walls, peeling wallpaper, crumbling brick and stone, rotting timber, damp proof old house, damp problems, rising damp solution, condensation on wall,damp proofing stone walls,sealing ... It rarely if ever goes beyond the first joint unless it is 'bridged' by having cement render slapped over the top of it. ... damp is just condensation - the bottom of the wall is coldest, so moisture condenses near the floor - it doesnt rise!

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12 Apr 2016 ... 'You can actually see the house breathing as darker spots in the paint appear and disappear over time,' says owner .... Wet rot thrives best in damp, dark and poorly ventilated places: timber lintels and the ends of floor joists ...

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23 Jun 2012 ... Here we tank a concrete floor that has no physical damp proof course. Tanking the floor is a great solution that is cheap and will prevent any dampness from ...

Moisture Problems Between the Flooring and the Slab

When installing flooring over a concrete slab, moisture's impact can fall between the two materials. ... When I pull the tiles back, the slab is damp to the touch and you can watch it dry out (color change) once the slab is .... When we bought the house a guy went under the home to inspect and it came out in good shape.

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12 Nov 2003 ... And what was their reaction on entering this tumbledown house, with its crooked walls, rotting woodwork and wringing wet ground floor? Dread? Despair? An enormous sinking feeling of "Oh my God what have we done?".

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In newbuild situations, it may be necessary to install a damp-proof membrane on top of a concrete slab to enable moisture sensitive floor finishes (e.g. wooden floors) to be laid on top of the slab - enabling works to be completed more quickly ...

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The challenge was to provide a good roof and walls out of the more accessible materials. Thatch, for roofs and mud for walls are perhaps ... 3 How old houses dealt with damp in walls and floors. This section looks at the way that 'rising' damp ...

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22 Nov 2017 ... Related articles: Insulating an old house | 10 easy way to improve the insulation of a period house | The essential guide ... Refrain from lifting an old floor without good reason, as it will never look the same when relaid and you may upset the equilibrium of the building. ... By their very nature, traditional solid floors may be slightly damp as the tiles, bricks or flags that form their surface are in ...

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The basement has a dirt floor. I don't want to spend dollars on a concrete floor at this time. ... So I'm removing all the insulation (its damp and done wrong)then insulating the outer perimeter of the celler also insulating my cold pipes as well, then ... from damage, providing sturdy flooring to keep the space usable for storage/work area, and then you potentially loose the best feature of the dirt floor basement.

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29 Feb 2008 ... Recommended treatment: A combination of good ventilation and heating. ... The presence of rising damp is not always obvious as much of it happens below floor level, but as it gets worse it will start to creep up walls. Look out ...

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6 Sep 2017 ... The natural tendency of moisture is to spread out from wet to dry areas, and also to move downwards under the .... If the house was built with a brick paved ground floor, at the very least, this was laid on top of the existing ...

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18 Nov 2014 ... Knowing how to make cold, damp and uneven old floors more suitable for modern life is vital, says Natasha Brinsmead, ... they have been looked after the main issues surrounding old floors are what they are laid on top of.

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24 Jun 2015 ... It's surprising to note that damp-proof membranes (DPMs) embedded within solid floors did not become a Building Regulations ... apply a layer of bitumen on top of the floor slab to stick down woodblock flooring or thermoplastic floor tiles, which acted as a basic DPM. ... The classic example would be a house built in the 1950s where the floor has risen up in the middle of the living room.