Top 9 Scooters with Best Mileage

Scooters with Best Mileage: Hey there Hi and welcome to BikeDetailsPro.Com and I am Akash Navi here, are you searching for the scooters with best mileage in Indian Two wheelers market online? Your terms maybe like scooters with best mileage, gearless bike with best mileage or it may be anything which is related to the mileage of scooters. If yes and you are searching online for something like that, then you have been landed on the right webpage because in this article of mine I will be telling you about the gearless bike with best mileage which are available for us in Indian market.

Nowadays in urban areas of India like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai we can see too much traffic and riding Bikes or motorcycles in that heavy traffic is too difficult. But thanks for the gearless scooters which work too fine in any traffic condition. They have cleared our problems shifting the gears up and down in the traffic. Gearless scooters have now entered into the urban life style actually for swift and easy riding these days. But there is a problem with these Gearless scooters as well, and that is their mileage which is less when we compare them to the manual gear shift bikes.

But the gearless scooter which we are getting in the market are tweaked ones and they offer good amount of mileage which is averagely good. The improved transmission and all have helped a lot, the gearless scooter manufactures of India like Hero, Honda, Yamaha have worked and made some the scooters with best mileage and launched them in Indian two wheelers market which actually is a Mileage conscious market. I have collected some of the Scooters with Best Mileage and made a list of them which you can get in this article of mine.

But before we move on to see the scooters with the best mileage I would like to show you some of the related article which I have published before this one. The first one is Fuel efficient two wheelers for ladies in which you can find the scooters which are fuel efficient enough and good and easy to ride for ladies. And I have one more in which I have mentioned about how you can increase mileage of bike, the tips provided there do work. And if you want to know about the best two wheelers for ladies you can get them in this one.

Top Scooters with Best Mileage.

So here are those scooters with best mileage for you, have a look at them.

Hero Duet.

Scooters with Best Mileage- Hero Duet

This scooter by Hero Moto Corp. is a new launch in India and one of the Scooters with Best Mileage, Duet is a new name in Scooters in India this was launched in Indian market with Hero Maestro Edge. The mileage of Hero Duet is 63 kmpl. To know about Hero Duet you can read this.

Mahindra Gusto.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Mahindra Gusto

And now come the durable Gusto by Mahindra this scooter is heavy but durable scooter which is made in India for the Indian Roads in R&D Center of Mahindra in Pune, Maharashtra. And Gusto can be considered as one of the Scooters with Best Mileage. The Mileage of Mahindra Gusto is 63 kmpl. To know more about Mahindra Gusto read this.

Honda Activa 3G.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Honda Activa 3G

Now comes the king of scooters! the Activa model which is manufactured by Honda in India, this is a nice reliable scooter with good decent looks, performance and mileage mainly. The Mileage of Honda Activa 3G is 60 kmpl. If you want to know more about this scooter read Honda Activa 3G Review.

Hero Pleasure.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Hero Pleasure

Again a Hero Moto Corp. product Hero Pleasure, this is a well know one in scooter category in India, performance wise this is not that good because it has a average performance 97 cc engine. The mileage of Hero Pleasure is 60 kmpl. To know more about Hero Pleasure read this.

Honda Activa i.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Honda Activa-iHonda Activa i is an version of Activa series of Honda company, in this we are getting an 110 cc engine same as that of Activa 3G but this is a light weight scooter with good mileage. The mileage of Honda Activa i is 60 kmpl. You can also read Honda Activa-i review here.

Yamaha Ray.

Scooters with Best Mileage- Yamaha Ray

Ray by Yamaha is also a good light weight scooter with good mileage this is powered with an 113 cc engine which can perform really well. The mileage of Yamaha Ray is 53 kmpl.

Suzuki Lets.

Scooters with Best Mileage - suzuki lets

Suzuki Lets is also a nice Scooters with Best Mileage, this is a light weight and high performance scooter which performs really well. The mileage of Suzuki Lets is 55 kmpl.

Honda Aviator.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Honda Aviator

Aviator by Honda is a nice scooter in order of mileage we get in this scooter, this is powered with an 110 cc engine which performs well. And the mileage of Honda Aviator is 66 kmpl. To know more about Honda Aviator read this.

Hero Maestro Edge.

Scooters with Best Mileage - Hero Maestro Edge

Now comes the Maestro Edge which is recently launched in India before few months this is the improved version of Hero Maestro edge and overall a good Scooters with Best Mileage. The Mileage of Hero Maestro Edge is 60 kmpl. To know more about Hero Maestro Edge read this. And if you wish to compare this one with Duet you can read that here Hero Duet Vs Hero Maestro Edge Comparison


So these were some of the scooters with best mileage, hope you enjoyed reading the article and also got to know about the scooters with best mileage which are available to us in India. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this.

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